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1. Permit becomes null and void if work or construction authorized is not commenced within six (6) months or if the work is suspended or abandoned for a period of one (1) year. Permit renewal is ½ of the original permit fee.
2. The Contractor is responsible for all work to be in compliance with the state codes and ordinances, whether or not any deficiency is found by the inspection department or known to exist by the inspection department.
3.In addition to any other penalties that may be imposed in the zoning ordinance, a double permit fee will be charged for violators not obtaining a building/development permit originally (prior to construction or development).


Re-Inspection: $25.00
Zoning: $100.00
Storm Water: $100.00
Certificate of Occupancy: $15.00
Plan Review: TBD
Building Permit: TBD

I hereby authorize officials of the City of Fort Oglethorpe to enter premises for inspections. The granting of a permit does not give authority to violate laws or codes governing construction performance. I certify that all information contained herein is correct and true.

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